Mar 31 • 17M

my 1st ultramarathon (audio)

An elliptic investigation into Wayfinding Topic #3

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Coach Laura
There are a million ways to tell a story. My way, for better or worse, has always been to start with the opposite. On the one hand, this can be exhaustingly incongruent with the generally agreed upon worldview required for existing within our modern structures and norms. And on the other hand, there are secrets and buried treasure hidden in the opposite, the upside-down, the inverse, the counterfactual. I invite you to come step out of line with me, towards a new kind of adventure. Please pack lightly.
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I’ve always been magnetized to the path of surrender. I’ve tried climbing ladders and reaching for the stars but never with any heartfelt enthusiasm. Any real thing I’ve ever felt has come through being brought to my knees. If we were dancing, this life and I, I would be gladly giving over my hand to be led, dipping and twirling and gasping for air in sheer astonishment at how we had been moving in perfect attunement with my own natural rhythm this whole time. I would never and do not grow tired of the way the dance contours around every rock edge and windswept shoreline of my body. I’m never not amazed at how my partner anticipates my every step, senses my cravings and just ahead of time, clears the path before me as clues start to align.