Oppositional, by Nature
Oppositional, by Nature
small revolutionary goals (audio)

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small revolutionary goals (audio)

7 practices for grounding

Wayfinding Topic 4: If you want to know the future, tune into as many intricacies of the present moment as possible. Challenge the assumption that goals should be big and lofty. Consider how the smallest goals can be the most revolutionary goals. Take nothing for granted. 

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The paradox that we’ll be explorin…

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Oppositional, by Nature
Oppositional, by Nature
There are a million ways to tell a story. My way, for better or worse, has always been to start with the opposite. On the one hand, this can be exhaustingly incongruent with the generally agreed upon worldview required for existing within our modern structures and norms. And on the other hand, there are secrets and buried treasure hidden in the opposite, the upside-down, the inverse, the counterfactual. I invite you to come step out of line with me, towards a new kind of adventure. Please pack lightly.
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