Apr 27 • 18M

what do you want? (audio)

mattress houses, backyard snack bars, and vision quests

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Coach Laura
There are a million ways to tell a story. My way, for better or worse, has always been to start with the opposite. On the one hand, this can be exhaustingly incongruent with the generally agreed upon worldview required for existing within our modern structures and norms. And on the other hand, there are secrets and buried treasure hidden in the opposite, the upside-down, the inverse, the counterfactual. I invite you to come step out of line with me, towards a new kind of adventure. Please pack lightly.
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Do you know what you want? I mean more than just you want a sandwich, or a massage, or a high five for checking off all the items on your to-do list. And I don’t mean to ask about goals like, for example, making more money, or achieving higher, more celebrated levels of comparative success.  I’m not talking about what you think will make you happy, I me…

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